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It was long ago, and the joy was gigantic. After two and a half years, the orchestra Woody's Sound returned to the island. From October 16th to 22nd we toured through Middle-england and played four concerts in front of hundreds of pupils from five to twelve years. They were enthusiastic.

With songs by Robbie Williams, Taio Cruz, Omi, Pharrell Williams and Klingande, the students were introduced to the instruments and explained with unmistakable English humor by Martin Woodford. The hands were flying high, and the students were trying hard to get a sound from the instrument. The orchestra will not forget the joy and the light in the eyes of success.
Also, the students simply surprised us by how vocally they were singing and dancing. Teachers also contributed significantly to this.
We all rhad goose bumps, is was hard to concentration and not all eyes remained dry!

Being a guest at the Yard Festival in Lübberstedt Big Band Just in Time entertained all visitors with lovely music.

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