How do you imagine such a May 1?

  • Sun
  • warmth
  • chirping birds ...

Wet, cold and windy is definitely not one of them. Today is again traditional festival at Rudi Behr and the Swing Orchestra Stelle is there. From 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm, the musicians conjure up at least the sunshine and good mood in the hall with their sounds.
Take a look around and enjoy the various food options, coffee and cake.

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The Swing Orchester Stelle is present at the big 24h event!
On Sunday, the 27th of May at 13 o'clock you can experience us in the Steller open-air pool at party mood.
Admission is free, it is played for a hat donation.



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It seemed like a normal Tuesday night. At a quarter to eight, the orchestra members began to arrive at the rehearsal room. You could hear the usual background noise consisting of greetings, exciting stories, scales and note phrases.

Martin came into the room and went forward to his place. He already announced the first title and Peter Könecke stood up and made his voice heard.

People please listen. Some have already wondered what this bottle of sparkling wine (Editor's note: "very big" bottle of sparkling wine) is doing here. Today is a special day. Almost to the day, I took my first lesson in trombone 25 years ago with Martin. Martin, in the break we celebrate!

The orchestra was baffled for a brief second and then applauded. A really great moment.

  • 20180424-Heft
On April 21, 1993 Peter had his first lesson with Martin. He later showed all those interested the old exercise book with an entry from April 1993. His performance was graded "Good" in English.
In the following months, Martin's students crystallized into the early days of an orchestra. Soon after, Woody's Sound was founded with Peter Könecke as a founding member. He also worked as a secretary on the board for some time.

It's a tradition at Woody's Sound that anyone who spends something may wish a title. Peter made a choice that could not have been better:

Thank you for the music

Not only is there a spring cleaning at home ... and we are not just bringing our instruments to a shine.
The website of Woody's Sound has received a make-over and shines in new splendor.

In addition to the known information, there is also a collection of press articles and many impressive pictures in the head area of ​​the orchestra.
Look around, there is something to discover everywhere.

On Thursday, April 5, 2018, the Cultural Summer Award was presented to the winners. For Woody's Sound, Alexander Melchert (1st Chairman) and Lena Sendelbach (Secretary) accepted the award with thanks and presented the project shortly.

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  • 20180410-Preis

Woody's Sound sets in motion and wants to bring the music and the joy to the people. For this purpose, the Big Band will drive down several locations with a red, English double-decker bus and play small gigs. In addition, listeners can enjoy delicious burgers on the bus. Accurate locations and playing times will be announced in time.

Alexander Melchert also sent a few words of thanks to Gerd Trautvetter, who until recently still chaired the association and was instrumental in the concept and the submission.

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