The autumn is here. All of a sudden and unexpectedly, you had the feeling the beautiful summer would never end.
Suddenly, however, are Santa Claus in the supermarket and you see many people in their gardens to deal with the vast amounts of foliage. The transition jackets are brought out and we slowly think of Christmas gifts.

After the autumn holidays, we think about very different things. We look at the calendar and first have a little "p" in the face! Only seven weeks left until the Christmas concert. Until then, the time is not long and in advance there are other dates and things that want to be done and planned.

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But then the "p" is quickly followed by an "a" for anticipation, an "e" for excitement and a "u" ... for "Uff I have to practice!".

We will all practice together, especially on the workshop weekend in late November.
We are preparing for a phenomenal Christmas concert!
On the 15th of December at 17:00 o'clock we devote ourselves completely to the

soundrack of movies

  • old classics
  • Film series that have accompanied generations
  • Movies that you recognize at the first bar of the title tune
  • Films that can be recognized by a quote

An example?

„May the force be with you.“


More is not revealed.
There will be a nice Christmas program this year from "Ladies Of Brass", which we got to know at the summer concert. Of course, there is also a raffle and Santa Claus and his angel may not be missing.


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However, if you want to hear us with classic sounds, you can come to St. Mary's Church at 19:00 on the 1st of December. There is the Advent concert with the hunting horn players for the third time in a row. Admission is free, a donation is requested.

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The church offers a great opportunity for quieter sounds that unfold their sound wonderfully. In alternation with the hunting horn players, there are some traditional marches.


Next we ring the Christmas time on the following weekend:
On the 8th of December at 16:00 o'clock we play at the castle hotel on the Christmas market. Here are also Christmas sounds from us.

With the full calendar and the associated preparations, the foliage in your own garden must be left a little bit.
We look forward to a pre-Christmas season with lots of music and happy faces. In short:

We look forward to welcoming you to our performances!

We moved to you and it was great!
At 10 o'clock we started full of energy at the music school and did not really know what to expect.
Three stations were on the program:

  • 11 am Schlossplatz
  • 1 pm Famila
  • 3 pm Krankenhaus

Each station was different and special in its own way.

At the Schlossplatz we surprised the market visitors and looked for a nice place with the red double-decker bus. This was not easy and very close. Our bus driver has mastered it with class.
After a fairly quick setup, more and more people gathered after each song. Some of them came to Schlossplatz especially because of us. Again and again, some went forward and donated a little something. Many Thanks!

After an hour of playing, we took a small refreshment prepared by our passengers.

With twenty minutes of air, we then arrived at Famila and expected a very different audience here. People hurried to Famila for their weekend shopping. We were very happy that they also took the time for our music and stayed there. A mother with two children stayed the whole hour. We also welcomed familiar faces from Schlossplatz. People have "moved" through us and followed us. Others also took the opportunity and came by bus.

At 2 pm it went quite quickly to the hospital, so that there could be drunk a little something before the start of the event.

Some musicians were looking forward to this last stop on our little tour. There was a need to sweeten the sick people there the day. All the more we were disappointed that we had to cancel after a quarter of an hour due to a cloudburst.

Looking back, it was a beautiful day. You probably noticed that not a single track was mentioned here that we played. This is because of the great experiences we have made. Bright faces wherever we looked and people just taking the time to "move" with us. Which titles we have played exactly then, comes into the background.

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After the summer concert is before the Christmas concert.

This is usually the case with Woody's Sound. It's different this year. First there was an exciting trip to Berlin and now the long awaited 15th September is coming up.

On the 15th of September we organize a tour, for which we were awarded the Cultural Summer Award 2018. The motto is "on the move"..

Actually, the guests come to us or to the events in which we play and listen to us. On September 15th, we turn the tables and drive to the people.
In a red double-decker bus, forty musicians travel to various locations in Winsen (Luhe) to bring an hour of music to the people there.

  • People strolling through the city
  • People shopping
  • People we want to support in recovery

Music brings together young and old and together we master the challenges of concentration and perseverance while playing together. There is cohesion, mutual support and responsibility beyond the age limits. Not only we move to you, the music also moves people and thoughts.
We would like to share this feeling with spectators on this tour.

We move to you and get you moving.

The attached graphic shows you all information about times and locations. We look forward to seeing you!

It's early September and that means it's harvest festival!
This date is set by the inhabitants and also by Woody's Sound.

We were allowed to participate again in this versatile festival program and entertain the guests on the sports field while the trucks were moving through the village.
We remained faithful to last Tuesday's music and continued our musical journey in the 1960s.

The sun was shining, the people were in a good mood and we were allowed to play. What more do you want on such a beautiful Sunday?

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After the exciting time in Berlin there was a little break for Woody's Sound. But now we are back!

Just in time for the "Blue Hour" in Winsen, we were once again full of fun. The joy of being able to play again, the many listeners certainly felt and Woody's Sound gave some titles from the summer concert to the best. Classics by Elton John and the Beatles were included, as well as songs by German greats like Modern Talking or Heinz Rudolf Kunze.
There was something for everyone with one or two potpourri.

Martin Woodford was moved to a beautiful solo on "What a wonderful world".
The orchestra played for two hours and was rewarded in the end by allowing the players to wish the songs of the last quarter of an hour.
The conclusion of this beautiful evening then formed the "Blue Hour" and the associated light show at Marstall.

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