Not only was the weather sensational on the 30th of June, but also our annual summer concert!

Under the bright sun our spectators and listeners experienced a musical climax. Once again, Martin has managed to get the best out of us.

But before we could start, the "Ladies Of Brass" tuned in the audience. Last year, they celebrated their premiere and therefore could not miss this time. New was a group of children, the "Brother Jakob Band". The children have just started to learn their instrument and played "Brother Jakob" in spite of immense excitement already so great that Martin let it play a second time.

During the remodeling, the first chairman, Alexander Melchert, welcomed the numerous visitors and expressed their gratitude that they could not resist listening to the tropical temperatures. Also thanks to the numerous helpers for the creation of various shady places by tents and umbrellas, as well as the food and drinks.

Afterwards, Martin Woodford led the audience through a colorful mix of songs whose titles include a name and narrated interesting background stories. Among others, "Song for Guy" by Elton John. Here Hanna shone on the piano and Max, Maxi, Alex and Lena on the Flugelhorns and made for a very gentle sound.

Again and again, the individual registers were allowed to prove their skills in solos. Particularly impressive were the flying fingers of the clarinets in the pop song "Cotton Eye Joe". A great achievement! The Saxes peppered the rhythm to "Rock me Amadeus" and Doris on the trombone delivered a great solo with "Woody's Boogie". Even the younger players were not afraid. Already at the Christmas concert Fabian and Josefine were allowed to play solos. This should be repeated on "Woody's Boogie".

We practiced for half a year and the day flew by. Woody's Sound delivered a remarkable performance in the light of the weather and played without a break. You can tip your hat for that...

Now is summer break and we will take the newly gained energy into the second half of the year. Exciting things await us. It goes to England and in December there is again an Advent concert in the Winsener Marien - Kirche and the big Christmas concert in the Stadthalle.

We look forward to welcoming you there again.

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  • 2019-Sommerkonzert
It's quiet about Woody's sound.

Why is that? What is behind it?

There can only be one reason for this silence:


We practice, plan and make preparations for the first highlight of the year:


On June 30 at 3 pm, the School of Music in Ashausen will open its doors to the "Open House" and summer concert. There are insights behind the scenes, coffee, cakes, drinks and a little BBQ. This year the concert is titled "What's your name?" 

What is behind it? We have studied titles in which the artist sings about special people. Persons who have a certain meaning for the interpreter. Why else would you name a song after them? We've been busy with the story behind these songs and we're looking forward to present you this story tonally.

When the BIGS hosts the annual flea market at the Hainfelder Hof, the appearance of Woody's Sound is an integral part.

While we were settin gup we had drawn the curious children's eyes and answered one or two questions about the instruments and the technique.
On time at 11 clock began the performance, which ended with extension at half past three. For three hours we played hits from The Beatles, ABBA and Glenn Miller. Our young clarinets were particularly happy about "Blua da ba dee" and "Faded", the more recent titles.
Each register came to light in the different songs and Martin himself played three impressive solos.

The flea market was extremely well attended, the weather played along and the small children danced in front of the orchestra to the music. Sometimes it was hard to concentrate on the music.

For us this weekend was a wonderful prelude to the outdoor season and we are looking forward to the next year. Now it's time to prepare for the summer concert on the 30th of June in the garden of the music school in Ashausen and we hope to welcome numerous guests to a great concert there.

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The Ladies Of Brass invited to Stover Strand for a picnic concert today. The sun was shining, the people were in a good mood, laughing and making themselves comfortable with their chairs, tables and other utensils.

At 14 o'clock Ladies Of Brass started with "Beautiful Sunday" in the concert and got the audience into a groove.
Afterwards, it was time for Woody's Sound to wake up from the winter break, playing one hit after another for a good two hours.
Some soloists were allowed to shine with Yolanda on the flute and Alex and Lena on the french horn. It takes some nerves when Martin suddenly holds a microphone in front of the instrument. He also inspired the audience with solos on "What a wonderful world" and "Feelings".

In between Martin gave a look "behind the scenes" chattered a lot and gave the afternoon a beautiful spin.

At the end, Ladies Of Brass took over again and played the "Landfrauenlied", which all the audience sang along and stood up at the end.
We would like to thank you for this beautiful, great organized afternoon.

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May 1 is set at the Swing Orchestra Stelle. This day stands for: Village Festival with Rudi Behr!

The traditional festival is for everyone and was visited by numerous spectators again. However, this time the orchestra could be found in a different location and provided a good mood with a great sound. There was a lot of applause and some even danced to the fast tracks. The musicians showed a lot of stamina and played six hours! Every year it is a pleasure to be here again.

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