The Saturday night on the first weekend of Advent belongs to the Advent concert of Woody's Sound and the hunting horns in St. Mary's Church. This date has become an indispensable part of many people's calendars.

And so the church was well filled on the last Saturday evening already one hour before the concert began. And a tense murmur was in the air.
The hunting horn players and the orchestra alternated again and again after a few tracks and so the audience was able to enjoy the many facets of brass music.

Woody's Sound played alongside classical titles by Beethoven and Handel as well as a play from the musical Cats, Imagine by John Lennon and "Einsamer Hirrte" by James Last. In Ave Maria (by Schubert) the trumpets played on their flugelhorns and Josefine played a strong solo on the alto saxophone.

The hunting horn players shine with a change of marches, fanfares and hunting signals. Even with a Christmas duet with the orchestra, you could highlight the signals beautifully.

When the last song had died away with applause, the audience started to leave. Martin Woodford picked up the microphone and asked with a smile, "Are you ready to leave? We would still have one ... " An addition outside the program!

One thing was missing: a solo by Martin Woodford on the flugelhorn.

The orchestra played "Freiheit" from Marius Müller-Westerhagen and Martin played so softly that so many handkerchiefs had to be drawn in the audience. It was a beautiful start to the Christmas season. The orchestra would like to thank Günter Härtel for the organization. Until next time!

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