Joy is joy, Time is the time and this was felt by all participants of the concert, spectators and musicians tonight.

In the parish "Guter Hirt" the big band "Just in Time" met with the gospel choir "Joyful Voices".
Joyful Voices kicked off the first half of the concert with a nice polyphony. Between the titles the meaning of the coming titles was explained very nicely and figuratively with a heart or ship.

During the break, where the guests were served excellently, the renovation took place and it was time for Just in Time in the second half. Leo played a great solo on the trombone for "Stormy Weather" and Katharina was soloing on the flugelhorn with "Feeling Good". With the rather brisk titles the audience was heated up. Dieter on the guitar picked into the hearts of the audience on "Suspicious Minds" and the saxes whirled around the church with "One Step Beyond".

Of course, a solo by Martin was not missing. For the beautiful title "You've got a friend" he excelled on the flugelhorn.

The evening ended with the title "California Dreaming", which the Big Band and the Gospel Choir played and sang together.

We thank again for the invitation and the wonderful evening.

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