When the BIGS hosts the annual flea market at the Hainfelder Hof, the appearance of Woody's Sound is an integral part.

While we were settin gup we had drawn the curious children's eyes and answered one or two questions about the instruments and the technique.
On time at 11 clock began the performance, which ended with extension at half past three. For three hours we played hits from The Beatles, ABBA and Glenn Miller. Our young clarinets were particularly happy about "Blua da ba dee" and "Faded", the more recent titles.
Each register came to light in the different songs and Martin himself played three impressive solos.

The flea market was extremely well attended, the weather played along and the small children danced in front of the orchestra to the music. Sometimes it was hard to concentrate on the music.

For us this weekend was a wonderful prelude to the outdoor season and we are looking forward to the next year. Now it's time to prepare for the summer concert on the 30th of June in the garden of the music school in Ashausen and we hope to welcome numerous guests to a great concert there.

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