May 1 is set at the Swing Orchestra Stelle. This day stands for: Village Festival with Rudi Behr!

The traditional festival is for everyone and was visited by numerous spectators again. However, this time the orchestra could be found in a different location and provided a good mood with a great sound. There was a lot of applause and some even danced to the fast tracks. The musicians showed a lot of stamina and played six hours! Every year it is a pleasure to be here again.

  • IMG-20190501-WA0004
  • IMG-20190501-WA0005
  • IMG-20190501-WA0007
  • IMG-20190501-WA0008
  • IMG-20190501-WA0009
  • IMG-20190501-WA0010
  • IMG-20190501-WA0011
  • IMG-20190501-WA0012
  • IMG-20190501-WA0013
  • IMG-20190501-WA0014
  • IMG-20190501-WA0016
  • IMG-20190501-WA0019
  • IMG-20190501-WA0020
  • IMG-20190501-WA0021
  • IMG-20190501-WA0022
  • IMG-20190501-WA0023
  • IMG-20190501-WA0024

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