The autumn is here. All of a sudden and unexpectedly, you had the feeling the beautiful summer would never end.
Suddenly, however, are Santa Claus in the supermarket and you see many people in their gardens to deal with the vast amounts of foliage. The transition jackets are brought out and we slowly think of Christmas gifts.

After the autumn holidays, we think about very different things. We look at the calendar and first have a little "p" in the face! Only seven weeks left until the Christmas concert. Until then, the time is not long and in advance there are other dates and things that want to be done and planned.

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But then the "p" is quickly followed by an "a" for anticipation, an "e" for excitement and a "u" ... for "Uff I have to practice!".

We will all practice together, especially on the workshop weekend in late November.
We are preparing for a phenomenal Christmas concert!
On the 15th of December at 17:00 o'clock we devote ourselves completely to the

soundrack of movies

  • old classics
  • Film series that have accompanied generations
  • Movies that you recognize at the first bar of the title tune
  • Films that can be recognized by a quote

An example?

„May the force be with you.“


More is not revealed.
There will be a nice Christmas program this year from "Ladies Of Brass", which we got to know at the summer concert. Of course, there is also a raffle and Santa Claus and his angel may not be missing.


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However, if you want to hear us with classic sounds, you can come to St. Mary's Church at 19:00 on the 1st of December. There is the Advent concert with the hunting horn players for the third time in a row. Admission is free, a donation is requested.

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The church offers a great opportunity for quieter sounds that unfold their sound wonderfully. In alternation with the hunting horn players, there are some traditional marches.


Next we ring the Christmas time on the following weekend:
On the 8th of December at 16:00 o'clock we play at the castle hotel on the Christmas market. Here are also Christmas sounds from us.

With the full calendar and the associated preparations, the foliage in your own garden must be left a little bit.
We look forward to a pre-Christmas season with lots of music and happy faces. In short:

We look forward to welcoming you to our performances!

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