We moved to you and it was great!
At 10 o'clock we started full of energy at the music school and did not really know what to expect.
Three stations were on the program:

  • 11 am Schlossplatz
  • 1 pm Famila
  • 3 pm Krankenhaus

Each station was different and special in its own way.

At the Schlossplatz we surprised the market visitors and looked for a nice place with the red double-decker bus. This was not easy and very close. Our bus driver has mastered it with class.
After a fairly quick setup, more and more people gathered after each song. Some of them came to Schlossplatz especially because of us. Again and again, some went forward and donated a little something. Many Thanks!

After an hour of playing, we took a small refreshment prepared by our passengers.

With twenty minutes of air, we then arrived at Famila and expected a very different audience here. People hurried to Famila for their weekend shopping. We were very happy that they also took the time for our music and stayed there. A mother with two children stayed the whole hour. We also welcomed familiar faces from Schlossplatz. People have "moved" through us and followed us. Others also took the opportunity and came by bus.

At 2 pm it went quite quickly to the hospital, so that there could be drunk a little something before the start of the event.

Some musicians were looking forward to this last stop on our little tour. There was a need to sweeten the sick people there the day. All the more we were disappointed that we had to cancel after a quarter of an hour due to a cloudburst.

Looking back, it was a beautiful day. You probably noticed that not a single track was mentioned here that we played. This is because of the great experiences we have made. Bright faces wherever we looked and people just taking the time to "move" with us. Which titles we have played exactly then, comes into the background.

  • IMG_1504
  • IMG_1506
  • IMG_1511
  • IMG_1516
  • IMG_1517
  • IMG_1518
  • IMG_1519
  • IMG_1520
  • IMG_1521
  • IMG_1522
  • IMG_1523
  • IMG_1524
  • IMG_1526
  • IMG_1527
  • IMG_1528
  • IMG_1530
  • IMG_1531
  • IMG_1535
  • IMG_1539
  • IMG_1541
  • IMG_1545
  • IMG_1547
  • IMG_1548
  • IMG_1553
  • IMG_1556
  • IMG_1558
  • IMG_1566
  • IMG_1567
  • IMG_1568
  • IMG_1573
  • IMG_1574
  • IMG_1575
  • IMG_1576
  • IMG_1577
  • IMG_1580
  • IMG_1582
  • IMG_1584
  • IMG_1585
  • IMG_1587
  • IMG_1589
  • IMG_1591
  • IMG_1594
  • IMG_1595
  • IMG_1598
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  • IMG_1604
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  • IMG_1610
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