"I'm Still Standing" is not just a song from the legendary Elton John, it also sums up the last months, weeks, days and hours.
Months ago, for today, Martin started arranging new songs and producing older titles. He developed the concept for today's summer concert

Beatles vs. Stones

We dedicated ourselves to the 60s of British rock, but also to the American Motown sound. For weeks he practiced with us patiently and a weekend also went to a workshop in Ratzeburg. Two weeks ago we went into the "hot phase". Many things were different today. The orchestra stood on the slope in the trees, the bake sale with grill was elsewhere and so on.

The prelude was offered by the "Ladies of Brass". An orchestra, which has not been around for long, had its first appearance and performed three songs. Two songs by Glenn Miller and the end "Rock around the clock" by Bill Haley. A great mood!
Martin then handed the microphone over to the new 1st Chairman of Woody's Sound: Alex Melchert. Alex cheered the guests on with a few laughs. Afterwardshe  thanked the departing baord members Gerd and Peter for the years of remarkable work.

Then took over Woody's Sound and started with songs of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, but also with Motown classics, e.g. from the Supremes. The first soloists on the horn impressively demonstrated their skills.

During the break, the food and beverage stand was literally stormed. Thanks to the numerous cake donations there was really something for everyone. Here again a thank you to the busy helpers and donors!

In the second part finally Elton John came to the course. Woody's Sound started with a mix of "Crocodile Rock" and "I'm Still Standin". This was followed by the solo performance of our keyboarder Christian with "Pinball Wizzard".
In "Stranger On The Shore" by Acker Bilk, surprisingly, three young clarinettists were asked to go solo. The three mastered this like the pros.
Who knows us now knows that we still have a lot of steam. In "Satisfaction" of the Rolling Stones we could also let out the same.
But after the British 60s it had to go again to the USA. With "Blame It On The Boogie" by the Jackson Five, Martin has fulfilled a title request.
In the next title, Martin demanded something rare from the guests: they should sing. The following title "Land Of A 1000 Dances" has a passage that everyone knows and that you can not sing wrong. With the support of the guests we really had fun on this "unfamiliar terrain". Some members say, "There is a reason why I play an instrument ..."
We were rapidly approaching the end. "25 Or 6 To 4" and "Time Is Tight" finished. Both titles are characterized by rhythm and are true classics. Especially the bass and the guitars were allowed to gather last strength again.
Without an encore, we were not allowed to leave our "Waldbühne". So we have set the counterpoint to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones another counterweight: with Modern Talking and "Cheri Cheri Lady" we said goodbye to an excellent audience. Many Thanks!

It followed the dismantling. Everyone packed in and before you know it's over. Especially Martin can say: "I'm Still Standing".
And we all know "after the summer concert is before the Christmas concert ..."

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