• sommerkonzert2018
This year's summer concert of "Woody's Sound" is dedicated to two musical giants of the 60s: the Beatles and the Stones.

They shaped the music of their time like no other. But even the solo artists of these exciting rock years should not be neglected at the open air concert in Ashausen, especially Sir Elton John.
During a musical jump across the pond "Woody's Sound" lands in the time of the Motown Sound. The Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder and Diana Ross delivered one hit after the other. You can hear some of them on Sunday, June 24, starting at 3 pm at the "School of Music" at Ashausener Str. 42. "With this whole fund we would like to play a whole weekend for you," it is said from the orchestra, "but unfortunately we must confine ourselves."

Join us in an exciting, if not revolutionary, era in music history. Also included is the new orchestra "Ladies Of Brass", admission is free.

Source: Susanne Siebels
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