The trip to England is behind us and the preparations to end the year with a musical spectacle are on the run. On 17.11. Woody's Sound starts to a weekend workshop to give the songs the finishing touches. After that:

  • 2017-Konzertreihe-Plakat
  • Designing and distributing posters - nobody should miss how, when, where something happens
  • Hanging up the banners - it must be considered where ...
  • Removing fingerprints from the instruments - it should shine and sparkle
  • Preparing music sheets - and hope that there are no spontaneous changes
  • Polishing shoes - when we play "up there" everyone sees the shoes!
  • Ironing shirts - or you cheat and pull a jacket over it ...
  • Men answer the important question: fly or tie?
  • Women ask themselves the question: What do I wear?
  • and until the concert day: PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE

This year, there is not "just" the Christmas concert. There is a whole X³MAS concert series. The beginning is the concert on 02.12. in the St. Marien church in Winsen with the "Jagdhornbläser". This year, after the success of last year, it starts for the second time and we are looking forward to the acoustics. On 08.12. we play for the first time in the church in Pattensen with the "Luhetal Choir". We are very curious! Both concerts have free admission.

On 16.12. is the day! The grand finale is the Christmas concert in the town hall in Winsen. Theme: 20 years of music school. From old to new we will play twenty titles for you. In between, of course, a few Christmas titles make an appearance. Tickets are available in advance in the following places:

  • Stelle: Press Lünsmann and ABC bookstore
  • Winsen/Luhe: Bookstore Decius and tourist information
  • and of course at the school of music

While writing this text, I made my decision of what to wear (and I still have to iron it). Let's see how it looks with my teammates.

We look forward to seeing you at these three amazing concerts!


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