We rehearsed for six months. We listended to the songs all day long. From up and down, back and forth, forward and backward. Today was the day. The work was presented at the annual summer concert. Immediately after the entry of the never-ending musicians, Michael Jackson's "Thriller" was the start.

Martin Woodford then greeted the audience and attuned on the upcoming journey through the decades of music. Before the start, however, Gerd Trautvetter, the first chairman, had to address a few words to the audience. We would also like to thank the numerous helpers. A special helper was highlighted. He talked about is from "Hanna's Grandfather". He's always there, helping where he can. Many Thanks!

But now let's begin.

The first half was colorful. There was something for young and old. ABBA, the "Deutsche Welle", current hits from movies and beats of the 90s.
The sun got was shining and the musicians gave everything under these conditions and were hardly to slow down. Flo was particularly skilled with his drums and his unmistakable swing and Uli on the bass, who "chorused" the entire orchestra with Billie Jean.

In the break the richly filled cake buffet was stormed and you also got a sausage from the grill.

After the break, Gloria Gaynor's hit the record "I am what I am" was next and Martin Woodford supported the trumpets at the end of the song. Everyone helps out from where they can, even the master himself.
There followed a brisk title after another. Including "Buona Sera" and "Just a Gigolo" with various solos by Leonie, Harald and Michael on the saxophones. With "Till" by Tom Jones Martin Woodford had a solo himself.
We began with Michael Jackson and we end with Michael Jackson. The orchestra trembled with "Beat it" and then the tenors were released at "Livin la vida loca".

At the encore with "I will survive" our pianist Christian gave everything and was allowed to play the beginning three times before the orchestra got the signal to start. After that, the musicians were allowed to vote on the last encore. Since there was a draw here, simply both titles had to be played. "Begin the Beguine" made the beginning and with "Can not take my eyes off of you" Martin Woodford joined the ranks of the orchestra and the last title was played.

It was done. See you at the Christmas concert on December 16th in the town hall in Winsen or before on December 3rd to the concert in St. Mary's Church.

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